Welcome to the website of the National Association of Credit Union Workers (NACUW), the professional association for credit union workers throughout Britain (whether employees or volunteer staff of a credit union, or those who provide support, training or development advice).

NACUW was set up in 1992 and since then its members have worked with the majority of credit unions in Britain. Today most of its members are managers and staff actively working in credit unions across the country.

NACUW has an important representational role as its members work in all types and sizes of credit unions. This enables it to offer a unique perspective to government and the Financial Services Authority on improvements to policies, legislation and the regulation of the credit union sector.

NACUW meets regularly with representatives of all the national credit union bodies and through its members has links to the majority of credit unions in Britain; national and regional organisations supportive of credit union development; business sector initiatives; the wider co-operative movement; organisations involved in community economic regeneration; the Financial Services Authority; universities and their research departments; colleges of adult and further education; Central, National and Regional government; and Credit Union movements in other countries.

NACUW members are involved in delivering economic and social regeneration strategies throughout Britain and providing advice at all levels of Credit Union development and training.

NACUW offers its members a forum for the exchange of information, fresh ideas and the development of best practice in employment and access to advice and resources. We are a self-help association dedicated to improving credit union knowledge and expertise. We maintain a database of Credit Union workers and organisations, run regular seminars, training events and an annual conference.